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Heya Plant Rockstars, I’m Markus Hamence and work as The Botanic Designer. My own home boasts over 400+ indoor plants (as seen on South Aussie with Cosi) and though I do not encourage others to follow suit to this quantity unless you know what you’re in for and slightly obsessed like me, I certainly subscribe to that a home becomes more pleasant with the addition of one or two stunning specimens placed here and there. Most recently I can be seen on the new Channel Nine show The Garden Hustle where I offer my expertise as the ‘Garden Guru’.

This website and all content are based solely on my experiences with plants and the information I have garnered from them during my successes, and, my disasters. It is not a intended to be an encyclopedia, just my personal collected ramblings and goings-on.

Enjoy the site 🙂

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the botanic designer workshops


Workshops are held and can be run all around Australia. From the city areas plus coastal, hills & suburbs right to the regional towns and remote areas (including cruise ships).

experienced knowledge

From the experienced gained in his plant world, Markus delivers knowledge and content in a variety of ways over an array of 13 seperate workshops. The sessions range from conversation based with slide presentations through to actual hands-on session.

fun & engaging

The workshops are fun, entertaining, informative and most of all engaging. Enter the session with questions, leave with laughter and a smile and the knowledge you sought.

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Glam Adelaide

South Aussie with Cosi

Glam Adelaide

Glam Adelaide

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People And Their Plants...

Deb P – Mount Compass, SA

Hello, fellow Plant Rockstars! I’m speaking with Deb from Adelaide in South Australia. Let’s get into some intriguing questions and uncover the green secrets behind this plant paradise and she’s got some beauties!

Men doing chores, watering indoor plants, man growing plants

Liam t - malvern, sa

Hello, green thumbs and plant lovers! Today, we're embarking on an exciting journey through someone's personal plant collection. I'm chatting with Liam who lives in Malvern, South Australia.

Josie P – Gulfview Heights, SA

Hello, fellow Plant Rockstars! Today, I’m taking it outside and wandering through the vast backyard of Gen & Josie. It’s a wandering scape filled with leafy joyful wonders and botanical bevvies, each with its own story telling a garden lived full. Let’s get into some questions and get the scoop on the foliage in this plant filled yard of greenness!

Making A Splash On The Small Screen...


Markus takes on the role of 'Garden Guru' in the premier season of Channel Nine's NEW garden show - The Garden Hustle. He takes host Lisa McCune on a tour of his home! Click through on the images to watch Episode 6 on 9Now...
What Are They Saying?


Tim pearson
    Tim pearson

    Lenzerheide Restaurant, SA

    Markus reworked our atrium back in 2021 and gave it a fresh new look. Weekly now he is the caretaker of the lush and tropical garden. We are thrilled with the work he produced and his ongoing maintenance.

    Natalie Renna
      Natalie Renna

      Mercy Me Marketing, SA

      We used The Botanic Designer to reimagine our office space with indoor plants. Markus selected, delivered, placed and gave all the care tips required. 100% recommend his services.

      Tim law
        Tim law

        Murray Bridge Library, SA

        We had The Botanic Designer visit the Murray Bridge Library today to do a terrarium activity as part of our school holiday program. The kids had so much fun. Markus Hamence was a joy to host (as always)... We are already planning when we can have him grace us with his presence once more

        But I'm Not Good With Plants!

        tips: the perfect plant for the blackest thumb

        Check out my list of my favourite LOW MAINTENANCE and toughest-to-kill plants…

        Let's See


        Zuzu Plant

        This plant, with its lush, green leaves, can bring a touch of the tropics into your home. Its real charm lies in its resilience and adaptability, making it a fantastic choice for those who might not have a natural knack for plant care…

        snake Plant

        Today’s star is the ever-popular Snake Plant, scientifically known as Sansevieria. It’s a true survivor in the plant world and perfect for both beginners and busy plant parents. Let me walk you through the ins and outs of this resilient and stylish green friend.


        Gather around as I share with you a tale of one of the most beloved houseplants in our green kingdom – the Golden Pothos. This gem is not just a plant; it’s a story of resilience, beauty, and an almost magical ability to thrive in the dim corners of our homes.

        happy Plant

        Let’s dive into the world of the Happy Plant, also known as Dracaena fragrans. This cheerful houseplant is not only easy on the eyes but also a champion at brightening up any indoor space. Let me share some fun facts and care tips about this leafy friend.