A Vila For The Gods


Poetry by Markus Hamence – Seminyak, Bali, 24 April 2024

Set in the middle of Seminyak’s tropical buzz,
a hideaway with whispers of beauty and lush.
Hotel Vila Lumbung, an island’s embrace,
Bali’s charm in its open, welcoming space.

Under thatched roofs, the villas align,
Balinese decor in each curve and line.
Lush gardens where orchids bloom,
an oasis dancing away from urban gloom.

By the poolside, under swaying palm shade,
good times echo where memories are made.
Water cascades, a serene symphony,
whispering Bali’s own sacred harmony.

The beaming smiles on the faces of the staff,
beckon you sit, stay and have a laugh
The service they provide is friendly and exemplary,
and hand in hand with the foliage, is complimentary

The Insta selfie backdrops a plenty,
that will surely whip social media into a frenzy.
Your TikTok will never be the same again,
and facebook loaded with many a new friend.

The breakfast buffet, stocked with an array,
is the reason my morning starts with a pleasant delay.
And sipping cocktails at the pool bar at lunch,
have seen many slurred yarns, I have a hunch 😉

The sun dips low, horizon aflame,
Eeach sunset painted, never the same.
Dining under stars, exotic tastes blend,
spices and sweetness, in twilight descend.

Here, at Vila Lumbung, time finds its ease,
balmy nights stir a gentle breeze.
A retreat where souls come to mend,
in the heart of Bali, where peace wends.

The holiday is over and as I recall where I’ve been,
I’m home now, ready and all set for my routine.
But my dear Vila Lumbung family, you know I’ll return,
for in my heart, you’ve set a fire that does burn.

All photography by Markus Hamence – Hotel Vila Lumbung, Seminyak, April 2024

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