a beginner's plant care workshop

An hour’s workshop that is fun-filled, entertaining and most of all full-of-acts and information to help you learn to get that ‘Green Thumb’ that you yearn for. 

Indoor plants display. House plants

the 'beginner's session

Hosted by Adelaide’s rockstar indoor plant guru and styling king, Markus Hamence, The Botanic Designer has developed a A Beginner’s Plant Care Workshop for for those who need the bit-and-bobs of information required to turn their black thumb to GREEN.

Armed with personality, engagement plus sound plant and styling knowledge, Markus will lead the group through all the advice required to get some lushness happening in your life and importantly KEEP IT ALIVE.

An hour’s workshop to your community in your town hall, library, school etc which would include tips & tricks plus valuable advice and a Q&A session. All complimented by a screen presentation with images of inspiration (if IT available in your venue). A plant sale can conclude the workshop.