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Hello, fellow Plant Rockstars! Today, we’re taking a stroll through someone’s personal indoor jungle. It’s a collection filled with leafy wonders and botanical beauties, each with its own story. I’m speaking with Deb from Adelaide in South Australia. Let’s get into some intriguing questions and uncover the green secrets behind this plant paradise and she’s got some beauties!

When do you find you passion for indoor plants?

Deb: I got my passion for indoor plants through spending time with my aunty whose infectious love of plants rubbed off on me. She taught me a lot about plants and how to care for them.

What was the first indoor plant you purchased?

    Deb: The first indoor plant I owned was a green and gold pothos which is still here trailing wherever she wants in lounge room 😅 A good beginners plant.

    How many do you own?

    Deb: I own 190. A few less than you.

    Which one is your current favourite?

    Deb: My current favourite is the Schismatoglottis Calypatrata which originates from New Guinea, Borneo. As well as having stunning patterned leaves it holds a special place in my heart as my Dad used to say when he was in the second world war in New Guinea it was the beautiful plants ( and monkeys) that helped him forget the situation there.I think he would have seen the Schismatoglottis as he was near rivers and their habitat is near water.

    Which Indoor Plant is on your ‘Wish List’?

    Deb: On my wish list is a Monstera Borgsigiana, I have quite a few ‘Thais’ so one of those would be a cool edition to my collection.

    A good Indoor Plant ‘Care Tip’?

    Deb: I think you asked for one of my plant care tips so one Ill pass on is I use worm castings a few times a year, the plants love the nutrients.

    A plant that you’ve tried but didn’t succeed in keeping alive?

    Deb: A plant that I couldn’t keep alive was Begonia Iron Cross… I didn’t over or under water, good light position and it just never looked like surviving 😄

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