From Obscurity The Bali Foliage Rise


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 13 April 2024

From Obscurity The Bali Foliage Rise

In the lush whispers of Bali’s untamed grace,
Where verdant canopies unfurl in secretive embrace,
The wayward vines cling to temple stones,
In forgotten ruins, they forge their homes.

Between the crevices of an old village wall,
Sprouts of green triumphantly sprawl,
Petite power in the shadow of giants,
Nature’s defiance, vibrantly defiant.

On the steep slopes of a volcanic scar,
Ferns and mosses travel far,
Upward they climb, in misty veils,
Their roots entwined in mythic tales.

Beneath the hustle of Ubud’s feet,
In cracks of pavement, life’s discreet,
A dainty shoot, a brave green spear,
Amidst the motorbikes, a pioneer.

Along the rugged, windswept coast,
Where waves and dreams converge and boast,
Salt-tolerant blooms paint the sand,
A masterpiece kissed by a briny hand.

Such places, hidden, remote, or slight,
Reveal their secrets to the quiet night,
As plants in Bali’s nooks decide
To flourish where the wild things bide.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Bali 2024

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