From the Rubble, Bali’s Nature Reclaims


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 16 April 2024

From the Rubble, Bali’s Nature Reclaims

Beneath the Bali sky, where the ocean whispers low,
Amidst the scattered stones, the tender greens do grow.
From rubble wrought by time, by hand and tempest’s scheme,
Rises a gentle force, a quiet, verdant dream.

Where once a temple stood, proud against the storm,
Now lianas coil tight, in nature’s uniform.
Moss carpets ancient bricks, ferns arch in reverent bow,
The jungle reclaims its space, as time allows.

Vines drape over edges, where walls once firmly stood,
Monkeys scamper freely through this reclaimed wood.
Orchids flourish wildly, in air thick with mist,
Colors splash starkly against the earth’s soft tryst.

From the cracks of devastation, life whispers its claim,
Banyan roots delve deep, in an endless, patient game.
Over ruins, life drapes its vibrant, enduring lace,
In every nook and cranny, it finds its rightful place.

So from the Bali rubble, the mighty jungle reclaims,
Teaching us quietly about resilience, in whispered refrains.
In the heart of decay blooms the most vital scenes,
Nature writes her recovery in shades of endless greens.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Seminyak, Bali 2024

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