In the Heart of the City, a Paradise Found


Poem by Markus Hamence – March 2024

Nestled within the bustling city’s embrace,
Lies a tranquil haven, a peaceful space.
Where towering trees and delicate flowers bloom,
Amidst the chaos, a place to exhume.

Stroll along paths where history whispers soft,
Past beds of roses, where petals aloft.
The scent of the earth, so rich and so deep,
Invites the soul, its secrets to keep.

Under the wisteria arbour, a fragrant shade,
Where purple blossoms in sunlight parade.
A tunnel of blooms, so vivid, so bright,
An enchanting vision, a sheer delight.

By the lotus pond, where waters lie still,
Reflecting the sky, a moment to thrill.
The lotus blooms, in serene repose,
A symbol of purity, as legend foretells.

Every turn, a new discovery, a surprise,
A symphony of colors to mesmerize.
From the fiery reds to the gentlest blues,
A feast for the eyes, in every hue.

The Palm House is a feature, a bee-line I make.
With cobalt blue panes letting in light.
Surround by the cacti, in the sun they bake.
It’s my area of joy and respite.

As day turns to night, the gardens transform,
Under the moon’s glow, a new world is born.
The night air, filled with the day’s last light,
Whispers of beauty, into the night.

In Adelaide Botanic Gardens, stories untold,
Of nature’s wonders, both new and old.
A poem, a song, a heartfelt sigh,
A place where the earth meets the sky.

Visit the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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