Pothos Entwine


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 14 April 2024

Pothos Entwine

My Golden Pothos of the Bali breeze,
Entwined in the dance of tropical trees.
Your leaves, heart-shaped jewels, in lush cascade,
A verdant drapery deftly displayed.

Beneath the sun’s scorch, you quietly climb,
Graceful vines that sketch in nature’s rhyme.
With streaks of gold like the morning’s first light,
Gleaming against green, a wanderer’s delight.

In the arms of giants, you ascend,
Where whispers of the forest blend,
With secrets of the mossy stone,
In shadows where you’ve freely grown.

Yet not confined to forest’s charm,
You thrive where care is warm.
In homes you sprawl, in pots you stand,
A touch of Bali, close at hand.

Your resilience, a lesson taught,
In tangled roots and battles fought.
Golden Pothos, with leaves so bold,
Bearing stories, silently told.

So here’s to you, dear trailing friend,
Whose spiraled paths will never end.
Your essence of the island’s soul,
In every leaf, in every role.

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