The Devil’s Ivy

Green giant Devil's ivy plant are growing on surface of loft concrete wall background

Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – March 2024

In a corner where the shadows lie,
Breathes a plant, neither shy nor sly.
With leaves of green, heart-shaped and bold,
The Devil’s Ivy, a sight to behold.

It climbs, it creeps, with tendrils that bind,
In homes and hearts, its presence we find.
A guardian of air, so pure and so free,
It thrives in the light, yet grows in the gloomy.

Resilient and strong, it weathers the storm,
In conditions dire, it transforms.
With every new leaf, a story it tells,
Of survival and growth, in the places it dwells.

A symbol of endurance, in the face of the dark,
With a splash of gold, a natural landmark.
The Devil’s Ivy, with its invincible charm,
Brings life to the room, and to the soul, calm.

Though tamed within walls, it whispers of the wild,
Of jungles dense, untamed and mild.
A reminder of nature’s enduring power,
In every small leaf, and every new flower.

So here’s to the plant, with a name so deceiving,
The Devil’s Ivy, in its beauty, believing.
A testament to life’s perpetual rally,
In corners of homes, it creates an alley.

A poem for the plant, that defies every odd,
The Devil’s Ivy, a gift from the gods.
In its silence, a lesson, a story to tell,
Of resilience, beauty, in places we dwell.

Wall of Devil's ivy leaves.
Wall of Devil’s ivy leaves.
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