The Island Sunset


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 19 April 2024

The Island Sunset

In the embrace of Bali’s evening tide,
Golden hues spill across the canvas sky,
Where the sun kisses the sea, it does not hide,
But flaunts its romance for all to spy.

Palm silhouettes carve shadows in the light,
A dance of leaves in the warm, ocean air,
Each sunset, a painter’s pure delight,
In strokes of orange and purple flare.

The waves whisper secrets old as time,
Lapping gently at the shore’s embrace,
Each ripple sings in tender, rhythmic rhyme,
While the horizon wears dusk’s gentle grace.

Here, beneath the ever-widening glow,
Time holds its breath in the soft twilight,
As colors blend in a heavenly show,
Promising the peace of the coming night.

So sink into the sands of this serene dream,
Where Bali’s sunsets set the soul alight,
And let the world drift in a tranquil stream,
Under the spell of the island’s gentle night.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Seminyak, Bali 2024

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