The Lush Greens of Bali


The Lush Greens of Bali

Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 12 April 2024

In Bali’s heart where whispers track,
The fronds and leaves in emerald stack,
Beneath the sun’s relentless flame,
The island blooms, wild and untame.

Frangipani, white and pure,
Scents that soothe and allure,
Their petals grace the temple stairs,
Floating soft on whispered prayers.

Rice terraces, step by step, climb,
In rhythmic, verdant, endless rhyme.
Water’s mirror, sky’s reflection,
Nature’s perfect, calm perfection.

Bamboo forests stand so tall,
Majestic green cathedrals call.
Leaves a-rustle, spirits speak,
In every creak a secret keeps.

Orchids dangle, bold and bright,
Painting shadows with delight.
Colors burst in wild array,
Against the jungle’s deep green sway.

Beneath these canopies so wide,
Bali’s spirit does abide.
In every leaf and every vine,
A poem of nature, perfectly divine.

Photography by Markus HamenceLocation: Hotel Vila Lumbung, Seminyak

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