The Monkey Forest In Ubud Gleams


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 18 April 2024

The Monkey Forest In Ubud Gleams

In Ubud’s heart, where spirits soar,
Monkey Forest guards its lore,
Beneath the canopy’s vibrant door,
Echoes of ancient myths galore.

Majestic trees with roots deep-set,
Macaques abound, their fate is met,
With playful grins, they pirouette,
Among the temples, suns to set.

The air, a mix of charm and chant,
Where stone gods murmur in verdant haunt,
And leaves rustle with a tranquil taunt,
A sacred space, nature’s grant.

Here, laughter blends with rustling leaves,
As cheeky thieves among the eaves,
Their cunning games the eye deceives,
In Bali’s jungle, the soul believes.

Pathways wind through mystic scenes,
Beside the streams of serene greens,
A place where wonder never weans,
The Monkey Forest in Ubud gleams.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Ubud, Bali 2024

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