The Park Bench

Bench in park

Markus Hamence – 10 June 2024

In the heart of the leafy park, it rests,
A humble bench where thoughtful souls find zest.
Weathered wood and iron, a trusty friend,
Where numerous stories are shared and never end.

Beneath the canopy of the green above,
It nutures moments of life and love.
Bird’s singing, echoes through the air,
As bees buzz by, the moments to share.

The seasons change, yet it remains,
Embracing sun, enduring rains.
Autumn leaves in a golden pile,
Frosty morning mist, float for a while.

A sanctuary in a city’s pace,
A simple bench, a wholesome place.
Where human form meets the joy of life,
In moments of peace, free from pressure and strife.

So sit awhile, let your fears fade,
On this park bench, where memories are made.
Feel the stories, the laughter, the tears,
A timeless seat throughout your years.

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