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Plant poetry by Markus Hamence – April 2024

In my leafy realm I stand,
A ruler with a watering can;
Greenery as far as the eye can see,
This jungle of joy, my sanctuary.

I speak in tongues of Latin names,
From Alocasias to Zamioculcas‘ frames;
Each leaf and stem, a story told,
Of battles fought against mold.

Rooted deep in potting soil,
I tend to each with loyal toil;
Misting leaves, both thick and thin,
Ensuring each pot’s placed just right within.

My windowsills are crowded scenes,
With cacti, succulents, and leafy greens;
Philodendrons trail and twine,
In this indoor garden, blissfully mine.

Friends may chuckle, family tease,
About my botanical disease;
But in each tiny seed I sow,
Lies a world only I can know.

For every new sprout brings a thrill,
A sense of peace, a moment still;
In chlorophyll veins, life anew,
A plant nerd’s joy, forever true.

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