The Rise Of The Bali Lotus


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 15 April 2024

The Rise Of The Bali Lotus

In the heart of Bali’s serene embrace,
Where whispers of the wind trace
Ancient tales on temple stone,
Blooms a flower, resplendent and alone.

The Bali lotus, in pools so clear,
Petals unfold without fear—
A dance of colors so vivid and bright,
Cradled by day and kissed by night.

Silken white with a heart of gold,
A beauty that never grows old;
Her roots deep in the muddy bed,
Above the water, her crown is spread.

A symbol of purity amidst the strife,
Rising with grace in the water of life;
Even in the shadow of the volcanic sand,
She blooms where the spirits of the land stand.

Oh, Bali lotus, with each morning hue,
You teach lessons old and true:
To stand tall amidst the murky depths,
Your elegance in each breath kept.

In the quiet corners of island dreams,
Where peace flows in sunlit streams,
The lotus rests with a soft, sure glow,
In the paradise where the purest waters flow.

Photography by Markus Hamence. Vila Lumbung, Seminyak 2024

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