The Whispering Rainforest

Mysterious morning in tropical rainforest

A poem broken into segments by Markus Hamence – 26 February 2024

In the heart of the whispering rainforest,
Where sunlight plays hide and seek,
There lies a world, lush and unexplored,
Whispering tales, if you listen, it speaks.

Amidst the Emerald Canopy

Amidst the emerald canopy, high and vast,
Leaves rustle with stories from the past.
Vines spiral like dancers in the air,
Hosting blooms that scent the atmosphere.

The Symphony of Life

A symphony of life, both seen and unseen,
Frogs croon ballads in waters serene.
Birds weave melodies, high and clear,
In a concert, only the wild can hear.

Deep Green Mossy Forest with Ferns in Oregon

The Monarchs of Green

Majestic trees stand tall and proud,
Their roots deep, their branches loud.
Guardians of green, old and wise,
Bearing witness to the earth’s cries.

The Rain’s Soft Whisper

Then comes the rain, a soft whisper,
Nourishing life, making all shiver.
It sings of growth, it sings of might,
In the rainforest, day turns to night.

The Night’s Enigmatic Veil

Under the night’s enigmatic veil,
Glowing eyes on trails unveil.
Creatures of shadow, creatures of grace,
Each in their element, find their place.

The Dawn’s Awakening

With dawn, the rainforest awakens anew,
Bathed in dew, a breathtaking view.
Life continues in this magical domain,
Where every drop of rain is a vein.

In the Heart of the Rainforest

In the heart of the whispering rainforest,
Life thrives, from the smallest to the tallest.
A world within a world, vibrant and vast,
Where the essence of time is captured and cast.

So, let the rainforest’s spirit guide your quest,
In its embrace, find peace and rest.
For in its depths, secrets lie untold,
In the whispering rainforest, bold and old.

Hoh rain Forest
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