Where The Cactus Stand

Round Golden Barrel cactus garden

Markus Hamence – February 2024

In a desert land where sunbeams blaze,
And winds whisper tales of ancient days,
There lies a garden, both wild and still,
Where cacti rise with a silent thrill.

Amidst the sands, where life seems rare,
Each spiny sentinel stands with care,
A tapestry woven in shades of green,
With blooms of beauty, rarely seen.

Tall and proud, the Saguaro reigns,
Its arms outstretched like desert plains,
Guardian of secrets, keeper of time,
Witness to nature’s rhythmic rhyme.

Beside it, the Barrel cactus thrives,
With ribs like the earth, where life revives,
Its flowers a crown of vibrant hue,
A beacon of hope in the arid view.

And there, the Prickly Pear unfolds,
With pads like hearts in tales untold,
Bearing fruits of sweetness, despite the thorn,
A testament to resilience born.

In the heart of this garden, a sanctuary lies,
Where creatures seek shade ‘neath azure skies,
Where lizards dart and birds take flight,
In a dance of survival, both day and night.

But amidst the beauty, a lesson is found,
In this rugged terrain, where life’s abound,
For in each prick and thorn, a story is told,
Of strength, of resilience, of courage bold.

So let us wander through this desert maze,
Where the cacti stand in silent praise,
And learn from nature’s enduring art,
The beauty of resilience in every heart.

Cactus garden on Gran Canaria island
Cactus garden on Gran Canaria island
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