Whispers in the Shade: A Fern’s Tale

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden by Markus Hamence

Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – March 2024

In the dappled light, where the sunbeams play,
Lies a world of ferns, in the shade they sway.
Ancient and graceful, with stories untold,
In their fronds, the secrets of the forest hold.

A symphony of green, in countless hues,
Gathered in clusters, morning dews.
Each frond, a feather, soft and light,
Unfurling with all its might.

Guardians of the understory, so lush,
In the quiet woods, a serene hush.
They thrive where others dare not go,
In the mystic light’s gentle glow.

The dance of ferns, a sight to behold,
With movements ancient, bold and cold.
In the breeze, they sway with grace,
In nature’s choir, they find their place.

Bearers of the forest’s breath, so pure,
Their presence, a reminder, sure.
Of the beauty that lies in the quiet earth,
The cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

The wonderous fern, with their whispering leaves,
In the forest’s heart, where magic weaves.
A tale of resilience, beauty, and time,
In their green world, sublime.

Credit to these keepers of the forest floor,
Their green embrace, we adore.
For in their presence, we’re reminded anew,
Of the beauty in growth, and the strength to pursue.

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