Why the Happy Plant is Always Happy


Poetry by Markus Hamence – Februrary 2024

In a cozy corner where the sunlight gently creeps,
There’s a happy plant, whose joy never sleeps.
With leaves so lush, in shades of vibrant green,
It stands quite content, serene and unseen.

It whispers tales of warmth, of light, and of care,
Of the gentle hands that placed it there.
Watered with love, basked in rays so bright,
It thrives in the day and rests in the night.

Around it, the air feels lighter, the room more alive,
Its presence, a comfort, helping spirits to thrive.
It’s not just the soil, nor the pot it calls home,
But the energy it gives, in this space it has roamed.

It teaches us patience, to wait for the bloom,
Reminding us gently, of how to make room.
For growth, for breathing, for taking it slow,
In its silent presence, wisdom does flow.

So why is the happy plant always so glad?
Because it finds joy in the simple, in what it has had.
In being a beacon of peace, of calm, and of rest,
In making our homes, with happiness, blessed.

In every leaf, a story, a lesson to impart,
The happy plant thrives, with a generous heart.
So next time you pass by, take a moment to see,
The joy in the simple, the happy plant’s key.

Close up of striped dracaena

This ode to the happy plant, in its simplicity and grace,
Reminds us to cherish the small joys, in every time and place.
For happiness, much like the plant, grows from within,
In light, in love, and in the peace we begin – Markus XO

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