And Despite, Bali Blooms


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 17 April 2024

And Despite, Bali Blooms

Beneath the Balinese sky, so vast and clear,
Heliconias flaunt their hues, loud and near.
Canang sari on the breeze, offerings fly,
Petals mingling with prayers ascending high.

Marigolds blaze like the sun-drenched day,
Lining paths in vibrant, unending array.
Gardenias bloom with a pure, sweet scent,
Their creamy whispers of peace never spent.

Water lilies float with elegance on the pond,
Reflecting skies they seem so fond.
Nightfall brings the moonflower’s face,
Unfurling in the dark, with celestial grace.

In the heart of Bali, where spirits sing,
Flowers blossom with the joy they bring.
Each one a burst of life, a sacred fire,
Painted by the gods of the island choir…

So, in Bali’s arms, where whispers cling to dew,
Frangipani scents drift in morning’s hue.
Bougainvillea climbs, in vibrant spree,
Wrapping temples in a floral tapestry.

Orchids, delicate, in air suspended,
Silhouettes against the sun, splendidly blended.
Hibiscus in reds, yellows – a fiery dance,
Nodding gently in a soft, tropical trance.

Lotus thrones upon tranquil water beds,
Petal crowns adorning their sacred heads.
Jasmine’s white stars twinkle in the night,
A silent symphony in the moon’s soft light.

Each blossom, a verse of nature’s lore,
Blooming in the heart of myths of yore.
In Bali’s embrace, where flowers are told,
Every petal unfolds a story, bold.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Seminyak, Bali 2024

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