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Hello, fellow Plant Rockstars! Today, I’m taking it outside and wandering through the vast backyard of Gen & Josie. It’s a wandering scape filled with leafy joyful wonders and botanical bevvies, each with its own story telling a garden lived full. Let’s get into some questions and get the scoop on the foliage in this plant filled yard of greenness!

When do you find you passion for the garden?

Josie: I just find my passion everyday when I look out my window and see my garden.

What was the first plant you planted in your sprawling garden?

Josie: My first tree I planted was my Chinese Elm which is 40 years old and still going strong.

How many hours does it take to care for the garden a week?

Josie: I try and get out once or twice a week, once I’m in the garden I lose count of the hours. 

Which one is your current favourite and most cherished?

Josie: My Cycad, it’s also 40 years old. When I sell my house I’ll have to find a way of taking it with me.

Which Plant is on your ‘Wish List’?

Josie: Hydrangea Tree. They are a stunning plant.

Markus’ notes:

The Hydrangea tree, also known as Hydrangea paniculata, is renowned for its large, showy blooms, which grace the branches of this deciduous tree from July into August.

Often mistaken for a shrub due to its bushy plants, this plant actually assumes a tree form when mature. Appreciated for its radiant blooms, the hydrangea tree adds an impeccable summer splash to your landscape.

Unlike other hydrangeas, the panicle hydrangeas or hydrangea tree enjoys full sun, although an afternoon shade is preferable to protect it from harsh climate conditions.

Hydrangea Tree (Panicle Hydrangeas)

A good Plant ‘Care Tip’?

Josie: Talk to your garden – It really helps. If not for the plant’s benefit, for your own. It’s actually great for your mental health and self-care.

A plant that you’ve tried but didn’t succeed in keeping alive?

Josie: Not going to boast, BUT, All my plants have survived haha. Maybe it’s because I’ve chosen the right plants for my garden, maybe it’s because I’ve been lucky, I’m not sure! 🙂

Ornamental or Produce, what’s your preference?

Josie: Ornamental – The display that we visually get is beautiful and it brings the joy for us. Of course we have a few plants that give us some produce but on the whole I would say 90% of that garden is for visual purposes.

If you had an opportunity to re-do your garden would you change the style?

Josie: I guess we are lucky in this way, I love our garden, it’s forever changing and it is always evolving and developing in ways that delight and suprises us.

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