Rise Of The Bali Day


Plant Poetry by Markus Hamence – 21 April 2024

Rise Of The Bali Day

In Bali, where the dawn whispers low,
A tapestry of fire begins to glow.
Horizon blushes in tender delight,
A canvas awash with the first light.

The waves kiss the shore with a frothy grace,
Palm shadows stretch in an endless embrace.
Mount Agung stirs in its slumbering pose,
Crowned by the sun, in its fiery throes.

Rice terraces ripple in verdant swells,
Dew-laden stories that the morning tells.
Birdsong weaves through the warming air,
A symphony sweet, uniquely rare.

Sky bleeds hues of mango and peach,
A masterpiece within tranquil reach.
Each moment a verse in nature’s psalm,
In the serene land of the island’s calm.

So rises the day in Bali’s embrace,
A blessing of light, the earth’s loving grace.
With every sunrise, hearts revere,
The sacred dance of daybreak here.

Photography by Markus Hamence – Seminyak, Bali 2024

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